Police Confiscate 200+ Pills and Cocaine from Suspect in Roslindale

The following article is based on a Boston Police report, and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Undercover Boston Police arrested a drug dealer who was allegedly caught with hundreds of prescription pills and cocaine in Roslindale.

On Dec. 18 around 7:10 p.m., Thomas Brooke Babes, of 123 Cushing Ave. #1, Dorchester, was arrested and charged with possession of a class B drug with the intent to distribute. Paul Francis Rossiter, of 27 Ainsworth St. #2, Roslindale, was arrested and charged with distribution of a class B drug.

Undercover Boston Police E-5/E-18 Drug Control Unit was conducting surveillance of the CVS parking lot area at 4600 Washington St., a known area for drug transactions. Police witnessed the suspect, Babes, drive into the lot, making calls, and looking like he was anticipating someone's arrival, according to a Boston Police report.

The suspect took off and undercover units decided to follow the suspect due to his actions. On South Street the suspect got out of his vehicle, approached another vehicle already parked, and police saw the suspect lean in towards the driver's side window, then walk away with something in his right hand and put it in his pants pocket. Police followed both vehicles.

Police pulled over the first suspect's car, Babes, and after identifying themselves as police, they asked if there were drugs or weapons in the vehicle. The suspect allegedly admitted to having drugs in the vehicle. Police seized 15 blue colored pills marked "Percocet5" and eight white colored pills marked "54/142" believed to be methadone, according to a Boston Police report.

Officers also pulled over the other vehicle, and had to ask the driver to turn off the engine three times, according to a Boston Police report. The suspect did not turn off the engine, so an officer opened the driver's side door and a violent struggled began with the suspect. Officers needed to handcuff the suspect after he allegedly refused to stop flailing his arms, according to a Boston Police report. 

During a search of the suspect, police found assorted pills, a plastic bag with a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, and $229 in cash. Police searched the vehicle and found $186 on the passenger side seat, $700 in a shaving kit in the backseat, and a total of 224 pills. 


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