Man Arrested for Driving Without License After Hitting Boston Police Cruiser in Roslindale

The following article is based on a Boston Police report, and where charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.


Boston Police arrested a man for allegedly driving without a license after rearending a police cruiser on Poplar Street in Roslindale.

On Dec. 29 around 1:40 a.m., Manuel Perez-Rodriguez, of 4331 Washington St. #1, Roslindale, was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license.

One Boston Police cruiser pulled up side by side to another parked Boston Police cruiser at 13 Poplar St., when a Ford F-150 truck collided into the rear of one of the cruisers, according to a Boston Police report. The police heard the suspect's vehicle skid before crashing into the cruiser. A sergeant observed the officer be thrown sideways inside the cruiser that was hit. The officer was taken to Faulkner Hospital.

The suspect allegedly showed a Puerto Rican license that expired January 2012, according to a Boston Police report.

The police cruiser sustained minor damage to the rear fender, and minor damage was done to the suspect's vehicle.


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